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All Music Composed & Performed by

Nathan Shirley

While Good Folk Sleep reviews:

"38 tracks' worth of complex and relentless music requires quite the commitment of the listener. Persevere and you will be rewarded..."

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"The camera work is utterly splendid... Highly recommended!"
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"Shirley's performances are beyond cavil, as his technique, interpretive skills and sense for color are exceptional. If he were only a pianist, I would guess he could have a major career on the concert stage. The sound reproduction on the disc is excellent. This CD can certainly be recommended to keyboard enthusiasts who want to sample a new and possibly important voice among modern composers."
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"Ballade, a work contrasting a lovely but forlorn main theme with agitated and intense music... I would rank Shirley's Ballade among his finest works..."

-Robert Cummings,

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One Hand or Two?
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While Good Folk Sleep
CD- While Good Folk Sleep
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While Good Folk Sleep

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