It is my goal to write music of the finest quality and make the sheet music available at no cost. I believe that art should be open to everyone and that money should not be a barrier limiting access to it.

My main sources of income are from music commissions, music licensing (for use in live performances, film, etc) and donations. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Thank you for considering!

~Nathan Shirley

To contribute by check-

Make payable to Nathan Shirley
and mail to-
799 Baldwin Ave
Marion, NC 28752

Several ways contributions help-

$5- Adds up quickly
$50- Affords a nice chunk of time to compose
$85- Piano tuning
$150- Piano maintenance
$300- Hire musician for performance or recording
$500- Small venue rental for performance/recording
$1,000- Larger venue rental for performance/recording
$3,000- Sponsors an entire chamber concert & recording
More- This level of patronage might be comparable to what von Meck did for Tchaikovsky or what Esterhazy did for Haydn.